Will it hurt my turtles if I put a golf ball in their tank?

amanda asked:

ok so i have 2 fairly small red earred slider turtles. and they like to move their tank decorations around so my mom had an idea that we put a golf ball in their tank for them to play with. could that in anyway hurt the turtles?


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  1. It could be harmful but if they like to move them then you could try it. Try weighing (a scale or just by hand) the turtle and the golf ball, contrast the weight differences and you should tell to do it or not. You can always call your local vet and ask them and say your reasoning for it.

  2. Not a bit. You gotta think in golf corses all the ponds are filled with golf balls and with turtles

  3. they would love it. go ahead. i have 2 RES myself. they are very curious animals and like you to rearraange the tank and add fun stuff 🙂 they wont get hurt either

  4. no it wont hert them
    I have a red eared slider and shes always digging up her plants
    I add decorations acording to the season or christamsy stuff and she loves it go ahead try it as long as you dont put in enything too small that they could accidentaly swallow your fine

    hope this helped!

  5. They move the decorations around because they are in the way. If you want to give them something to play with, go to the bait shop and get them some minnows.

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