whats the difference between regular shaft and light/senior shaft?

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does senior mean like senior PGA–gotta be good at golf to use?
or senior like–for old men?

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  1. All shaft flexes vary based on the intended swing speed of the player using it. “Senior flex” is generally designed for the slowest swinging golfers.

    If you’re looking to spend any amount of money on new clubs, I would highly advise you to go to a golf shop and have a club fitting session. They will be able to help match you will clubs of proper size, and proper shafts to match your ability and swing speed.

  2. Regular is for people of average (whatever that is – example 70-80 mph) swing speed. Light or senior shaft is for slower swing speeds (under 70). The lighter flex allows the shaft to flex more during the swing. If you shaft is too stiff it feels like your are swinging an iron pipe.

    Most of the younger senior PGA players are probably still using a Stiff shaft. As they get older and swing slower they may drop to a Regular.

    So senior shafts are slow swinging people regardless of age then you qualify.

    If you have a shaft that is too flexable you should get (1) more distance and (2) less consistancy.

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