What would be an original idea for transportation to Prom?

ball_luvr93 asked:

Our school has a senior prom and I want to find something to go in that no one has ever done before. People have done cars, four-wheelers, a cinderella carriage, golf cart, scooters, limosines, hummers, old cars, etc. Let me know if you can think of something good!

9 thoughts on “What would be an original idea for transportation to Prom?”

  1. a ricshaw one of those carts that is kinda like a wheelbarel. you could have your date pull you

  2. Haha if you’re not far from your prom you can gather a whole bunch of friends to be about 2-3 blocks away from the prom, then all the girls will jump on their dates back and get a piggy ride to the prom, if a lot of people do it, It should look wicked.

  3. How about a M1A1 main battle tank. I think you may be able to contact Dick Cheny about a used one or perhaps a program model that is only slightly Used.

    If that doesn’t work, why not chip in with your pals, rent a big limo and go in style. Use the money you save for extra flowers, etc. .. Some Limo companies have Humvees, etc that may be really cool.

  4. something different, rent a way nice car, or a dune buggy, motor home with a huge group it would be like a limo kinda. i dunno ride a horse.

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