What were the best selling golf clubs in 2008?

Mike C asked:

Does anyone know a website that tells you what the best selling golf clubs of 2008 were? I believe in drivers it was the TM burner but my pal says the callaway FT-i. We both disagree on irons and woods as well. Anyone know a site for this information?

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  1. TM and Cobra drivers are the best on the market, iron’s would probbly be AP1 orAP2, woods sryy on that one. and sorry i dont have a cite:(

  2. I would buy a titleist driver and irons over any not because they are the best selling but because they are the BEST period. More pros use the taylormade driver on the tour then any other but that is because titleist isn’t for any crappy golfer who wants to try it. It is for someone who knows how to hit the ball well already.

  3. I don’t have a website to refer you to, but I work at a golf course and I would have to say that TM Burners are probably the most popular clubs. I’d say one in four golfers has TMs in his bag. Callaway is a distant second, followed closely by Ping.

  4. there are all good the new stuff out there but if you’re fitted to the right set of clubs .based on what works for you not try to make the sale .should give you options of good pro shop or a good teaching pro at a golf course or a pro shop should give you some options that’s the best set that works for you .

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