What should I put in a Golf Gift Basket?

meg_32586 asked:

My boyfriend’s birthday is in March and he loves to play golf so I thought for his birthday I would make him a gift basket/bag of different golf things, I need some ideas on what to put in the basket. I have ordered a 3-iron that I know he was needing. What else should I put in it? I don’t want to go over the top but I want to get him a few other things. Please help me! thanks!

3 thoughts on “What should I put in a Golf Gift Basket?”

  1. golf shirt
    golf balls
    a pic of him playing golf in a frame
    and a cute little mini golf stick
    and some golf cards

  2. Golf balls, tees, hat, golf towel… just little things that golfers need. The stuff the girl above me suggested is good too.

  3. If you are going with a basket, I think you should include a sleeve of golf balls, a golf glove, some tees, maybe a shirt, a novelty golf ball (exploding/streamer), and maybe a golf hat. That would cover pretty much all the bases if you were getting him a 3-iron too.

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