What is the size of a typical golf green? And what is the best way to put one in your backyard?

pvhoopster asked:

i have a 2.5 acre lot and i want to put in a golf green that i can chip and put on. Any good brands i should look into for GRASS/TURF?

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  1. Hi. I know a little on this subject… I am a super.. for a GC in MI. The first thing that you want to do is use a vegetation clear for the area that you want to build up You don’t want everyday grass and weeds popping up… I say build up (mound) but you really dont have to. It does make chipping better though if there is an elevation change. Besides. You cant grow the necessary grass for a putting green on your typical soil…. there is way too much crap in it. ( for the lack of a better term) moisture and air will not correctly circulate in typical soil . First… Your question about size….. Completely up to the user for a personal app. However…Most greens are typically 250 to 400+ sq ft in size. Most dont need that large of a green in thier back yard because you may not be approaching from 200+ yards.
    Now for the tech. stuff….. You NEED to get a good mixture of pure sand and clean black dirt. 50/50 mix for best results. Make sure that tou have atleast 6 to 8 inces of this mixture over what ever you choose to use as a base for the height of your green. Pack it firmly….. The seed that you need is a called Creeping Bent Grass. The brand is not too terribly important as long as it is pure. You can obtain this from most places that sell in seed, or turf. Seed generously…but no need to over do it. This is an extremely fine seed….so make sure that it isnt too terribly windy when you seed. Seed ONLY the area that you desire as a green. This grass will strangle other types of grass. It will also strangle itself if not cut often!! (atleast every 2 to 3 days when spring is in full swing and summer is here) Humidity really makes this stuff grow fast. There is much care needed in owning a green…so be certain that you are ready for the job. They also need Air and Sun . Do not put a green in the corner where tree cover is prominent. It will not grow… This grass needs access to a breeze. Air is a necessity. Also if you put it in the complete open,…….Sunlight although a necessity.. can really dry it out, so be prepared to water it every day. The collars are a little less demanding. Most are a simple mix of blue grasses. and are mowed a little longer than a green. Good luck.. feel free to email me personally if you have any questions on your project once you get into it.

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