What is the best set of golf clubs you can get?

ZZP123 asked:

I don’t have my own clubs, and golf is very fun for me, and I want to buy my own. What are the best clubs out there? (Besides the really really really expensive ones)

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  1. The best clubs are the ones u can afford.
    But honestly its not just about the best clubs, if it was that easy everybody who could afford the best clubs would be great.

    Get a good set and play as much as u can better yet buy an average set and use the rest of the mopey for lessons or game fees.

  2. How good are you? Do you hit the ball pure? Bridgestone compound irons(my irons) are very good. I shoot around 5 over 18 holes. So Im really good..I dont even practice but Im so use to my clubs. If you want something easier and cheap try King Cobras and a good shaft will help you depending on your swing speed.

  3. The very best could be different for everyone. i play cleveland blade irons and a titleist driver, a taylormade putter and one cleveland and one taylormade wedge and a nike three wood. It is very hard to determine whats best for you but I can tell you the best ones to buy will be the one’s you have a pro fit you with or the ones most comfortable to you. I used to be an assistant pro. A good set does not have to cost a lot. I could find you an ok set for around 500.00. A great set like the one I had well I was a pro was about 2000.00

  4. The answer is truly “it depends”. If you want the best set for your game you really need to get fitted by a professional. The will check your swing and fit you for all the proper characteristics. Price doesn’t mean the best for your game. Go with a pro’s advice.

    With no other info I would say Mizuno makes the very best clubs but that does not mean they are the best for your game. go get fitted by a pro. it wil only cost you about $20 max (free if you buy from them) and will be totally worth the time spent. Enjoy!

  5. Well that is so subjective. You really have to go and try out different brands and decide what feels good to you. I’m a Nike guy, so I always tell people to buy Nike products. It works for the best player in the world and they work well for me. I’ve played Ping, Mizuno, and TaylorMade equipment. Each brand makes quality equipment. Each makes equipment for players of all levels. Again, you have to decide what feels best to you. Don’t let anyone try to sell you something that doesn’t feel good to you. As far as price goes, buy the previous year’s model and save some money or try a discount website.

  6. Oh gees tough one but the truth is taylormade titleist and bridgstone make great irons form there its callaway and nike etcc.. In fact all of the major company’s make great clubs what you really need to focus on if your serious is not just the head but the length lie and most important the shaft. I went club hunting tries some bridgstone jj36 or something nice blades but hate the rifle flighted shafts. Titlesit ap2 or ap1 may be your best bet great clubs for decent golfers will help you get the ball high and launch far. If you want discount buy great used clubs like titlesit mb 695 2 years old look around but make sure you get the best for your game and most likely that’s a major name brand.

  7. I believe that it is not how much you pay for golf clubs but how you play with them. Some can feel too heavy or too light, too flexy or too stiff and some just look right when you place the club on the ground in front of you. Best thing is to try many sets in your professional’s shop and find out what suits you. You may find a second hand set that will be relatively cheap but suit you.

  8. i have a friend that has changed clubs 10 times over 12yrs. now he finally found a set he like and hits well with. so it all depends on you. i started with a 35.00 set wilsons. then 250.00 wilson. now i have 2300.00 wilson. if you want to learn ball control get a set of blades. this is the type of head on irons. start out with a cheap set(used) learn with them then go get a good set.

  9. popular brands for most recreational golfers(or the general public) are taylor made, callaway, nike and ping. however, there are more brands out there that most recreational golfers wouldn’t consider because of the lack of “popularity,” while popular among more passionate golfers, in brands such as mizuno, cleveland, ben hogan, titleist, cobra, etc that also carry very high quality clubs for beginners.

    go to your local golf shop and ask what they would recommended for a beginner. if you have the funds to purchase that set on the spot, then go ahead, otherwise, do a search on ebay for that same set and see if you can get a better deal.

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