What is the best method for flying with golf clubs?

Jo asked:

I have an expensive set of golf clubs & wish to minimize any damage or loss when I fly with them. As you can imagine, I have heard many horror stories over the years. How is this best achieved? Can I get insurance?

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  1. you can insure anything..
    The best way is to have a hard lockable travel case, and check them as luggage.

  2. There are a couple of things that you can do- first, read last months’ GOLF magazine, their “answer guy” addressed pretty much the same issue- from what I remember, different airlines apparently have different policies regarding luggage loss/damage issues. One thing you can control, is to buy a hard-sided good quality travel case. They can be expensive and cumbersome, but I have had one since 1990 and have toted my clubs all over the world with them and never had a problem.

    Additionally, there are club shipping specialty companies that will take your clubs from the point of origin and deliver them to your destination with insurance and a guarantee. I think they are primarily oriented towards multi-person golf trips, and I have heard positive things about them. Also, there is always basic UPS shipping, and insurance is available with them.

    Essentially, if you are going to go the airline route, you have to take your chances. The way flights and luggage are routed seperately these days, you have probably a 25% chance of being seperated from your clubs, even if only for a day, especially if you fly into a large airport hub. If you fly into a smaller airport on a regional/commuter jet, the chances are very good that your clubs will be on the flight with you, unless they need to dump them to make weight restrictions. There’s nothing more depressing than to be taxiing out for takeoff and see your clubs still on the luggage cart.

    Good luck.

  3. I bundle the clubs in groups of 4-5 and duct tape the shafts together and place them upside down in the golf bag. Then place the golf bag inside another bag made specifically for air travel. It would take some serious abuse to damage them after that!

  4. Get a hard case and pack your clubs safely and you should have no problem. You can not lock your case, so make sure your case closes securely. Until recently I had a strap around my case just to be sure, but after returning from Tampa a week ago, it was gone. TSA probably got it.

    Go through your bag and take out extra items that add weight and volume like extra balls, towels, etc. The lighter the bag, the happier you will be. If you don’t ever hit a 2-iron, don’t waste the effort in carrying it with you. I never tape my clubs together or anything, but I do wrap my driver head with a towel or two and safely place my putter into the center of my bag.

    You could always rent clubs, but why would you want to waste the better part of a round trying to adjust to someone else’s clubs?

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