what is the best brand to buy for golf clubs?

kellie asked:

i want new golf clubs and i was just wondering whats the best brand to buy. i dont care about the price.

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  1. There are many great clubs out there…..I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you do one and one thing only…… go to your nearest pro shop…….hit as many clubs as you like….take the ones that you like…and hit well and buy them….

    I use Mizuno MP-60 irons, Taylor Made R-7 driver, and a Ping Putter….

  2. hi kellie….don’t know your situation…or what your handicap is ,but the best thing you can do is have the set fitted to you.that way you can get the max from whatever clubs you choose…good luk…hit them long and in the fairway.i have the nicalaus ‘golden bear set’ with the new hybrid irons….love ’em

  3. ping has alway’s had a reputation for forgiveness and feel and ping center’s across the country will actually custom fit your club’s for free they will adjust a lie angle and install grip’s that are comfortable for you you can’t go wrong with a ping but try all club’s maybe there’s 1 out there that fit’s perfectly for you

  4. Since your a female I recomend Callaway golf clubs there are alot out there and the price range is from really cheap to really expensive. I’m gettin g new clubs and thats what I’m getting.^^

  5. I personally love Taylormade golf clubs. I just bought r7 XD’s irons and r5 driver and r5 3 wood and 5 wood and I absolutely love them. In my opinion it was money well spent.

  6. I just recently reclubbed my bag. I tried every brand I could find during my initial search. I narrowed it down to what I considered my top three and the local Pro let me demo them for a week each. I happen to choose Taylormade. R7 Driver, R7 3 wd, Rescue Dual Mid and 3-PW. only clubs I left in the bag from the old ones were my Vokey SW & LW and my Scotty Cameron putter.

  7. If you are new to the game and looking for irons you are going to want what is called forgiving irons. These are designed for people who are less accurate at striking. The three best forgiving irons I know of are the Taylor Made LT, Callway fusion wide-sole, and the Nike Slingshot. As far as drivers and putters go that is all about swing style and personal preference. Trying out different kinds are the best way to go.

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