What can i do to make my golf swing better?

curious… asked:

when im playing, everytime i drive the ball it slices right and i cant figure out y… how can i fix it

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  1. There are several reasons why this could happen. In fact, I used to have the same problem. Here are some tips(for right handed golfers):
    1. Posture- Always keep your back straight and pull back your shoulders. Not following this could result in a weak and inconsistent swing. Also, align your legs, knees, and shoulders parallel to the target line
    2. Grip- Always use the grip you feel comfortable with (I am not saying don’t consider opinions). Ensure that the soft part of your right palm(just below your right thumb) is completely covering your left thumb; this provides a firm feel and diminishes(stops) movement of your hands during the swing.
    3. BackSwing- Start your back swing with the movement of your shoulders instead of your arms. This keeps your swing in a proper mechanism. Also keep your swing plane on your back swing straight along the target line until your club gets to around knee-level. Then start bending your wrists a little(do this only when you are accurate as this is actually for power). Remember to keep your head in the same position throughout. Do not forget to keep your legs planted to the ground.
    4. Followthrough- This is a mirror image of the backswing except for the legs as you have to start to lift your right leg for power

  2. While what koolket wrote is technically correct – it will not help you.

    If you are slicing/hooking the ball – you MUST MUST MUST get an experienced golfer to watch you hit balls, e.g. your club pro or assistant pro or low handicapper.

    They will cure it almost straight away. Don’t be intimidated by them, they are there to help. You will be surprised.

    There are too many factors influencing a slice/hook to get a text answer. You won’t get your fix here.

  3. Begin by using a short back swing and follow thru. Make it short enough that you can hit the ball straight. Then lengthen it a little each time until you can hit the ball straight every time.

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