What are the best set of golf clubs for a golf coach?

J L asked:

I was hired as a golf coach at a school. I have played maybe 5 rounds of golf my whole life. I need a set of clubs that will at least make me look like I know what I am talking about. What is the best set of clubs I can buy that won’t leave me broke?

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  1. I’d look on ebay for some irons. You can probably get a great set of older Titleists or Pings for under $200.

    And just do what our HS golf coach did, tell your kids to “Swing only with your left hand for 100 shots, then only with your right for the next 100”

    Haha, pretty lame, but it actually does work to an extent.

  2. calloway, nike, taylormade, even cleveland is pretty good
    look at ebay and calloway preowned.com has some nice clubs

  3. Stay away from the butterknives(blades) those are the ones the guys on tv use. Get a set that includes a hybrid or two. those are usually the easier ones to hit. Something with a wide sole. Help you get the ball in the air. Best ones for the price… Try them out. Adams a2 os. Orig. ping eye 2, Callaway BB04, Cobra almost any. All under 400.00. Best thing to do is to see what works best for you. Good luck coach.

  4. do not get used clubs period cobra s9 is very good or u could go more expensive and get the mizuno mp 32s but its not just what it looks like its how u hit them could be great clubs but you could mishit every shot demo them first and compare
    my top 5

    cobra s9
    titleist 695
    callaway big bertha
    nike slingshot oss

    go with steel shafts not graphite unless you are over 60 good luck!

  5. For your skill level i would prefer that you get Nike NDS iron set. These have exceptional forgiveness. They are my first iron set and i still use them as a 8.4 handicap. They are cavity back with a mirror image on the back side. The price range is from 300-450 dollars. If you are looking for a more inexpensive set i would get Cleveland Mens Launcher LP Irons for around 250 dollars.
    1. Cleveland Mens Launcher LP Irons
    2. Cleveland Mens HiBORE Titanium Driver
    3. Nike CPR 3 wood
    4. all of this for under 500 dollars

  6. IF i can i would go to your local golf shop and see if they a Demo program that allows you to try out clubs of your choice (and price range!). Therefore this allows you to find clubs that you like and those that don’t make you go broke. But if that’s not the case…I would suggest you get a

    never compromise putter (80 bucks for a sc-2 speed control)
    Jmax sand and lob wedge (lob wedge is optional, each wedge is 40 dollars apiece so really really cheap)
    Cavity back Big Bertha graphite irons 3-pw/10 (These are a couple hundred bucks in ebay, but they’re the MOST FORGIVING IRONS)
    Old Cleveland woods (3 and 5 or just a 4 wood if you’re low on cash)
    Finally a cheap 460 cc driver (old Cleveland, titleist, anything) that you like.

  7. I will not recommend a specific brand. Go to a golf store that has a launch monitor. Check their trade in clubs. Hit several different brands and buy the ones you hit the best. Good luck

  8. How are you gonna coach golf if you don’t have a set of clubs or play? Buddy system huh? I don’t know if the kind of clubs matters all that much. Your performance does. I suggest a golf magazine subscription.

  9. Check out kzgolf.com and look at oc1 clubs. Find a certified club fitter in your area to help you. Many will offer free inspections and reduced rates on repairs and fittings for your students.

  10. Dont you think the minute you take a swing it will be obvious you’ve never played? You might be better of not bringing any clubs to your team’s practice. I suggest you get some private lessons from a pro, who videotapes you.

    Back to your question…i have had excellent luck with ebay, but ONLY after you get some assistance with fitting. If you are ‘normal’ height, normal arm length, and normal hand size, then off the shelf clubs, regular shaft stiffness, DO NOT GET STIFF, will work best. If you are not a normal configuration, get somebody to fit you. golf is hard enough without using clubs that are too long, short, upright, or flat for your height. grip thickness is important too if you have very large hands or long fingers.

    get a cool bag to complete the illusion. a name brand club manufacturer, PING, Titlleist, Nike, Cleveland logo’ed bag will look like you know what you’re doing.

  11. Ok. Here is what you need to do. I play High School Golf and the type of clubs and player that the coach is, seems very important. I think that you should get a nice bag, a new driver (Like the r7 SuperQuad, Nike Sumo, Ping Rapture, or Cleveland Hibore XL) some nice irons, a hybrid for your low irons (3,4, and 5) some good wedges (Titleist Vokey) and a Nice milled blade putter (Bettinardi, Scotty Cameron, Nike Unitized, Odyssey Black, etc.) Go to your local golf store and ask them to help you. They will help you pick the best clubs for your budget, game, and what you want. Once you get your clubs start taking lessons from a golf pro. A lot of meets the coaches have their own little competition. Also read lots of books and study the wonderful game of golf.

    With that advice you will; look, play, talk, and coach, like the best.

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