Tiger Woods the early years on the PGA tour!

mikeweirdd asked:

Tiger Woods, the best golfer of all times shows how it is done in this video which was compilated in 2004. PGATOUR.com

19 thoughts on “Tiger Woods the early years on the PGA tour!”

  1. Fuck the nigger.

    I hope he fails. I root against him every single time he plays.

    I hope the NIGGER FAILS!!!

  2. im not racist but i kind of want to say this: It seems like before tiger there was almost all white guys on the pga tour and they thought they were really good but then tiger comes along and tells them, “actually, you guys suck”

  3. Right now he’s not but his NBA career isn’t over yet and he’s actually not as far off as a lot of people think.

  4. I don’t understand why people say things like “Nobody will ever be as good as ……” when its eventually going to happen that someone does become better. Everyone said that nobody would ever be as good as Jack Nicklause but Tiger became better its just like when people said nobody will ever be as good as Larry Bird and Magic Johnson in the NBA but then came Michael Jordan and same thing with MIchael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. You can never predict these things because new talent always comes along

  5. is this a joke???? the guy has won like 7 of his last 20 majors and has 17 straight top 10 finishes in stroke play events…..the media has nothing to do w/ it…hes just that good….

  6. Nobody will ever be as good as he was in his early career.Having said that,the media makes too much of him today.He’s like Dwight Gooden after 1985.

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