19 thoughts on “Tiger Woods – Masters shot on 16th hole 2005”

  1. How true mate… I was in fact feeling very down today with a few personal issues and there are a few things I immediately get hooked to and this is certainly one of them.. same with steve prefointaine and Bill Bowerman in Without Limits. somethings are just wonderful in life…

  2. i feel sorry for tiger woods because he didn’t win the open golf championship for 2009 but no matter what happens tiger woods will be the greatest golfer in history!!!

  3. what i was trying to say is he has not played great recently but then again he has come back from a knee injury so will take time to get back to his best

  4. I don’t know what is wrong with some people. This man is unbelievable. And when it is proven, and then (being also human) and isn’t perfect forever, he becomes unworthy, not “the greatest player on earth…. anymore.” From almost a baby he and his father focused him on nothing but golf and striving for perfection, then he becomes a man, he marries, then has a child, then another, which changes ANYONE’s universe. Notice he is a little heavier. It will take Tiger time… time… to refocus.

  5. So make me a list — I’ll watch ’em all here on YouTube and love every minute of it. Besides, you’re not giving me any love for “The Try”??? That didn’t impress you even a *LITTLE*??? 🙂

  6. People forget that he bogeyed 17 and 18 and fell back into a playoff. He did win though, but that takes a little of the luster off this shot for me.

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