24 thoughts on “Tiger Woods”

  1. Who say u have to be athletic to do a sport?

    Gold is all about Weight Transfer, wich is really hard, and also use in alot of different sport such as Hockey ( snap shots) , Baseball, ice skating, and alot of others. Of course, you won’t get alot of muscle playing golf but it will train ur arms, just look at tiger woods.

    You never did play Golf Memattmyseff, because otherwise u would know that it’s a sport.

    And One of the best sports

  2. lol this fagget goes around to every tiger woods video and spews his racist shit, dont even bother with him, hes a waste of life and is obviously ignorant and a retard…

  3. Fuck the nigger.

    I hope he fails. I root against him every single time he plays.

    I hope the NIGGER FAILS!!!

  4. man i cant believe people say tigerisnt even a real person some SAY HE IS A ROBOT AND GUESS WHAT… THE THERORISTS ARE WHITE RACIST BASTARDS

  5. Golf is not a sport but a skill like darts and bowling because of one reason….Tom Watson….

    Now is he athletic?

  6. Wow, you are obviously unedicated about Tiger Woods. I have been near him before…..he is such a nice person. He is not cocky, he admits his mistakes when he makes them and is very polite about it, he is very respectful to others. And the only reason he would get mad at a spectator is if he/she was taking pictures or something during his focus or swing and you can’t do that.

  7. Que basura come mierda sos. Y vos que diablo eres? No hay nada peor que ser celoso de otro que pueden cuando vos no has hecho nada que vale recordar en la historia de seres humanos. Vos nacio , va viver , y murir olvidado.

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