25 thoughts on “Tiger Trap”

  1. i was going for the pin…
    well if u were going for the pin why did u hit it left of the carts… lmao oh man halarious

  2. Are you kidding me..? Tiger Woods was and still is the best golfer in the world and no that’s not an opinion.

  3. yeah winning 14 majors isnt impressive especially when the last one he won with a ripped ACL requiring massive surgery. are you just that ignorant or are you Rory Sabbatini on youtube you fucking idiot?

  4. Tiger Woods used to be good, but now he sucks, but he used to be good. Hopefully one day he’ll actually win a championship that matters.

  5. be the coolest thing ever. meet tiger and play with him? and win a car? be the best day ever

  6. Fuck the nigger.

    I hope he fails. I root against him every single time he plays.

    I hope the NIGGER FAILS!!!


  7. Is it advertising? Yes. Does it put a HUGE smile on your face? Hell yes. All advertising should be this good.

  8. wish tiger would come by the golf course i play at but can you guys please take a look at my golf swing and leave feedback? thanks a lot

  9. LMAO, good spotting buddy!!!! yes, they should make a youtube vid of just that repeated

  10. yep definately thought i could only ever be the one to make a divet that big…haha, why why oh why dont i get free cars on rainy days!!!!!…..lol

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