22 thoughts on “The Tiger Woods Fart Video”

  1. a parabolic dish mic is capable of picking up and magnifying signals up to 75 times that of a normal omni-directional microphone while remaining virtually impervious to overload.
    It could pick one up farting at that distance.. But I agree with you, this is fake,, Tiger would have squeeze his ass cheeks together, to as making it so obvious, by lifting his leg.

  2. No it was neither Tiger or Steve because you can almost never make out what he or his caddy are saying because the microphone is so far away. The fart is obviously close to wherever the microphone is which is most likely to the right of Tiger where David Feherty was.

  3. Rodney Dangerfield did it, then he asked out of range of the microphone “Did somebody step on a duck?”

  4. One of the funniest moments this year. Just to let people know, that was Tiger. I work for a production company and we use body microphones which are used for golf religously to give the effect of hearing everything from the player (JUST not FARTS) Last thing is listen to his caddie say to him “are you serious” . Tiger has farted before on TV. HYSTERICAL

  5. Neither Tiger Woods nor his caddy are guilty of farting on camera at the Buick Open. At least if they did, it didn’t sound like a fart machine turned up to full volume. The loud rip heard round the world was actually from a prankster on the sidelines. This makes sense, because if it Tiger or his caddy was the guilty party, why didn’t the sound of their laughter pick up as well?

  6. everyone a fan couldnt have done it most likely it would make most sense it being a camera man or tigeryes i know that most of the camera s at golf courses are anttenas but this culd have been a cameraman or even stevie

  7. i honestly remember thinking, did he just fart?? haha that’s hillarious, but that’s not the real fart noise.

  8. I think it was the guy holding the boom mic. They are usually within close proximity. Had the camera panned to the right, we probably would have seen him holding the big mic up his ass.

  9. This is not fake, it’s real. But I am not sure who did it. Some say just a fan and others say the reporter but I don’t know for sure. BUT STOP CLAIMING IT’S FAKE, because it’s not. Tiger and Steve would not look and laugh for no reason.

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