Stinks, they do. Can someone help with cleaning golf shoes?

aminwiththeoutcrowd asked:

My 15 year old has some all leather Foot Joy golf shoes that he has worn for about a year. He is starting to grow out of them, but has a few good months before that day comes. Does anyone know of a good way to clean them? Can I throw them in the wash, since they are going to be gone in a few months anyway (too used to donate, I promise, although I’ll try)? He’s growing like a weed but can get a good few rounds in before he needs the next pair. The smell is just killing us… any suggestions? The shoe spray is beyond our help at this point. Yes, I know, new shoes. But he golfs every other day and every weekend, rain or shine. We were planning on buying him new ones for a gift when/if he makes the high school team, so trying to wait (we will buy him new ones when he can no longer use these, but thought it would be a nice thing as a gift if he does). You probably didn’t need the story behind why I need these clean shoes. Sorry. Thanks so much for any help!

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  1. Regis Philbin had good advice on this kind of question.

    His advice comes from a gentleman’s gentleman, one of the personal valets who can be employed by active men: he recommends a weak ammonia solution as a rinse out inside the shoes, including expensive leather shoes, on occasion.

  2. I bet the insole can be removed. Peel that stinky thing out and replace it! šŸ™‚ You can find shoe insoles at sporting goods stores and many shoe stores. Then make him put foot powder in his shoes every time he wears them. I play sports and this really makes a big difference in keeping shoe stink at a minimum.

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