No Tryouts for College Golf?

David asked:

I am an avid golfer and a senior in high school and capitan of the golf team. I am around a 4 handicap and have a lot of potential (been playing seriously for about 3 years). So I want to play college golf and will most likely get into my first choice school without golf on my resume. When I told the golf coach at the school that I was interested and asked him if there would be tryouts he responded:

At this time, I have received commitments for all my open rosters spots for the 2007-08 year. Because of athletic department policies, I am limited to the number of players I can carry on my team. Since I anticipate having a full roster for next year, I would not have the need to conduct walk-on tryouts.

My question is, is the coach serious, or does he just not feel like getting involved with a player he knows little about. It seems like I should be able to at least practice with the team my freshman year before playing in the tournaments… What do you think?

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  1. I would go around him and write a letter to the athletic director. I have never heard this from a coach before. Golf is a sport where it is difficult for a coach to show his prejudices and play a lesser player while benching a better one–you either shoot lower, or you don’t.

    The coach is being an idiot. You could only improve the team. You would either edge out a player who is not as good as you, or you would cause them to work harder to keep their position.

  2. Assuming you’re in the USA, the NCAA can be funny about who practices with the team and how many guys are in the wings (waiting for a spot to open up). I’m guessing he was serious about what he said and his roster is committed. Maybe it’s time to look at your second choice of schools.

  3. The coach is serious. I had a friend at Penn State who was a low, single figure handicap. The golf coach would not have tryouts, nor would he allow walkons. If you are REALLY serious about playing golf in college, look at some of the SMALLER schools in your area, and send resumes and e-mail to AT LEAST 20 schools. If you are a senior now, in March, 2007, it may be too late to get into a college for fall 2007 if you haven’t applied yet. MAYBE you should shoot for entering college in the second semester, if you can locate a school that will allow you to play golf. A 4 handicap isn’t really good enough to play a large school anyway, so look at Dvision 3 schools and NAIA schools. Start looking today. Don’t take the advice about going around the coach to the athletic director; just follow the path of least resistence and look at other colleges.

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