Nick Clearwater Stack and Tilt Golf Swing Lesson – Pete G 2/09

nclearwater asked:

Pete G video evaluation. Discussing some advanced pivot points and angle of ascent and descent changes to hit the ball higher.

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  1. Hi Nick

    I am a Life Member of the Canadian PGA and have been studying the S&T intensely since July…got the DVDs and all your youtube videos. I agree that teaching the method to beginners will advance them faster to a repetitive swing…so will incorporate it in my teaching. As far as my personal swing, I am getting there but still have difficulty taking a substantial divot…any suggestions? there a school for teaching pga instructors the mehod?

    All the best
    Peter Boyce

  2. hey Nick. thanks for all the info on stack and tilt. Ordered my DVD but its not here yet. Anyway can you do a video on the driver swing – that is my biggest problem. Is it the same as iron swing? Cheers

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