Medicus Golf Club Aid. Any good?

Cooking Engineer (CE) asked:

Just wondering on everyone’s thought on this club. Especially from those who have used it. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Medicus Golf Club Aid. Any good?”

  1. i actually thought about buying this club but you know i realized that everybody has a different swing that works for them and this tool makes you swing one certain way. i would save your 200 bucks and get a lesson or two, that should do you more good than this training aid. i wouldnt buy it, bottom line.

  2. I agree with the first post. If you are way off plane, and your tempo is off, then this club may help you out. The problem is the club doesn’t take into account a persons swing shape (flat vs. upright) or a persons height. I am relatively short (5’5″), and have a flatter swing so I couldn’t hit it worth a damn. You’d be better off taking the $200 and get a series of lessons from your local pro. As for tempo, pickup a metronome at a music store, find a tempo you like and bring it to the range when you practice.

  3. The previous posters are incorrect. It does not force everyone into one type of swing. There are key things that happen in a golf swing that are the same regardless of your swing or height or any of that and the Medicus reinforces those principles. What they do is teach you even tempo whether you are fast or slow, it still works. It also helps if your club face position is off. I have both the driver and the 5 iron and I love them. Im 6’4″ and it works just as well for me as it does my wife 5’4″ and son 5’0″. I use it to warm up at the range and I can tell a difference from when I don’t bring it as my swing flows easier when I start with it.

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