I have recently developed a very quick hook in my golf swing, How do I fix it?

doug a asked:

The ball hooks very sharply with a lot of top spin and no distance, I need help?

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  1. You are probably swaying your hips back when you start your swing. I started this and I was doing the same thing, now I fixed it. Just keep your hips still and your head down, this will fix it.

    I did this to attempt to get more power but it was just a failure, I hooked it and it only went 175 yrds. Hope this helps.

  2. timing, hooks are caused by the club outracing your body or coming over the top…improper swing path….practice looking at your swing path…is it follow the same path that your back swing took? don’t hit the ball at 100 percent, hit it at 85 percent and you will find the fairway more often.

  3. There are two main reasons why people hook that ball

    First – Your ball is place too far forward in your stance. Which in turn you hands are turning over before impact. and you are actually hitting the ball on the up swing.

    Second – Your out of rhythm, you are leading with your hips and shoulder and turning you hand over before impact instead of durning impact and hitting the ball on the down swing.

    Here is a quick fix, (using a 7 iron), try putting the ball about one inch in front of center, you are either going to slice or hook, if the ball slices slow move it forward until it starts to fly in a straighter path, just the opposite if you hook the ball slowly move it backward until you find a straighter path. Once you have found where you right position is with your 7 iron you should be able to gage the rest of you clubs off of that. Longer the club the farther forward it will go in your stance, the shorter the club is the father back it will go in your stance.

    Not so quick or cheep fix…Find someone that does video lessons, pay the money and get you swing on tape. Durning your lesson they will tape your bad swing and your good swings, this way you have something to watch and see where you are going wrong. Also during the lesson your Pro should fix the problem.

    Hopefully this helps…

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