How to put spin on a golf ball?

Kip K asked:

I know how to put spin on a golf ball. Put it doesn’t spin back.
It might just have a little check up. I know im hitting down on the golf ball and my divots are in front of the ball. I have only had 2 balls spin actually backwards. One with a sand wedge and one with an 8 iron.
Someone PLEASE help me!!

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  1. Use a titleist pro v1 – Must be very clean / nearly brand new

    CLEAN GROOVES on the club, easier to do it with lob wedge and sand wedge

    Hit down hard on the back of the ball and extend out to target but focus on keeping the club low to the ground on the take away

  2. Try standing up a little taller and about an inch closer to the ball. Because you are closer and taller, it will make a steeper swing feel more natural; which helps a lot in adding backspin. As you do, focus on keeping your forward wrist straight for a crisp and high shot.

  3. Hello, I personally learned to backspin my golf ball by watching this video:

    I hope it will help…

  4. do this training aid. take a leaf and place it on he grass. practice hitting under it. once you can, then do it to the golf ball. picture the golf ball a leaf

  5. There are many factors to putting backspin on the ball. You need a good lie and good contact. If you hit it clean, there will be backspin. Also, you need clean clubs. If there’s dirt in the grooves, the club can’t give it much spin. Finally, you need a soft ball made for feel. Not a hard ball for distance.

  6. first you need clean grooves and a soft ball
    when you swing hold it off keep the left hand below the right and don’t turn it over after you made contact don’t let the right hand get under neath the left this is only if your a righty opposite if your a lefty

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