how to hit a golf ball with a short iron?

George M asked:

I play golf.How do learn to hit the ball first,then get a divot? I keep hitting the ball in the middle.

4 thoughts on “how to hit a golf ball with a short iron?”

  1. Sounds like you are not hitting down on the ball. The divot will then appear in front of where your ball was struck.

  2. What I do to make sure I am hitting down on the ball is:
    1. set up with ball in middle to back of your stance
    2. make sure weight is on your forward foot.
    3. concentrate on a spot on the back of the ball. This will be your target to hit.

    By doing this, you won’t chunk the ball by hitting behind it and you will hit down on the back side and will create a divot.

    Don’t forget to replace the divot or cover with sand.

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