How to cheer up a pessimistic person?

amber asked:

My best friend Vince, he’s been playing golf most of his life and he always wanted to go pro, but lately his games been sucking and he says he isnt going to try out for next yrs team. (hes going to be a senior) so now he’s basically giving up on golf and he’s all depressed cuz its all he really wants to do. He says he has no talent for anything else and will never get a career he wants.
advice for cheering him up?

3 thoughts on “How to cheer up a pessimistic person?”

  1. Tell him that he shouldn’t give up. Some of the best athletes in the world got off at the wrong start, and guess where they are now? At the top. Play golf with him. Help him practice. Throw him a “golfing” party.

  2. Be a friend. Allow him to talk and encourage him as best you cab. But if he insists on quitting, let him quit. You can still be friends and perhaps play a few holes with him when he’s feeling better.

  3. He made it this far didn’t he? Hey having a talent doesn’t come easy for everyone. Some people have to work at it. It sounds like all he needs to do is practice a little more. Don’t give up on your passion! Just because times get hard, it doesn’t mean that you should give up. If he really enjoys doing this so much as he says, there is no reason to quit. Not everyone can be a winner always. Everyone has their ups and downs. If it’s all he really wants to do, he needs to get out there and do it! Work harder, especially if he wants to go pro~ People just don’t quit cause they are having off moments, quitters do! Show him how dedicated he has been so far! Tell him that he does have a talent! Everyone has off days, they just stick through them. You can ask anyone who got somewhere that they wanted that they had to work for it. Right now, I am working to get a college degree to take care of my daughter and to give her a life she disserves. Good luck. I have faith in this guy that he can do it. No reason to quit now!

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