How do you cure a bad hook in a golf swing?

chino_the_bandito asked:

I’ve always hit all my irons straight this just came out of nowhere. It gets worse the longer the iron gets. I’m still hitting the driver straight but I’m even hooking the fairway woods. Please help…..

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  1. Well, im not exactly sure what the pinpoint problem is b/c there are so many ways to hook the ball, but the most common problem is most likely that your turning your hands over before you hit the ball. This used to happen to me sometimes and it causes the club head to close befoer impact and a major hook resulted. Try not to turn your hands over until after contact. Also, try either putting the ball further up or further back in your stance to see what feel comfortable for you, but if you can keep your hands from turning over, hooks will disappear.
    Good Luck.

  2. ok the guy about turning ur hands over is right but it is harder to cure it then just saying don’t do that. try opening your hips alittle bit before you take the club back that way you will open up alittle bit at impact and it may keep you from turning you hands over. because it will open your club face alttle bit. it is the oposite of curing a slice because you want to close your hips slightly before your backswing. just try differentthings. also you may be coming way in to out on your swing. if so try looking at a dimple on the back of the ball that is straight back or alittle away from you because you will hit where your eyes are looking. just liike when your driving down the road and you look off the side of the road you tend to drift that way. same thing with golf if you are looking at a certain area on the ball that is where you are going to hit it. just try little things.

  3. First and foremost, the correct answer would be, go ahead and consult a golf pro (pga professional) at your local course, and spend a little money on a lesson. It will be worth the money for what you get out of it I swear. Someone that’s trained to look at people’s swings every day can see something off in your swing pretty quickly and set you right. If you really want to try to work it out yourself,which is cool too, please don’t try every answer you get on here at one time on the range!! If you have a good, grooved swing, you may cause more damage to it than what you fix! Devote a couple of driving range trips to no more than 2 swing thoughts each trip out.– Check that you’re keeping a stance a little more open. You may get some help with something else as simple as moving the ball closer or farther to you in your stance. I recently found I had my feet spread a little too far apart,which made me toe alot of shots. I was inconsistent both ways, hooks and slices. An inch difference in your stance can make a huge difference out there. You could also move your left hand to the left on your grip. This is called weakening your grip. -A STRONG grip for a right handed player will promote a draw/hook.- Something that you can use as a temporary fix or a swing check, would be to close the face of the club. This promotes a slice, but also gives you a check to see how your swing is coming through. If you still hook, you are swinging too far from the inside, if you slice, you are going more outside-to-in. Playing golf, your swing is a little different every time you go out. The pros know how and what to adjust to play o.k. even if they are having problems. If you decide to get a couple of lessons from your local pga professional though, you can explain that you want your lessons to include what adjustments you can make when you have problems with your swing, like the pros. I WISH YOU BEST OF LUCK, CHINO!! 😉 I’ve got faith that you’ll get it worked out soon and be knocking those pins back down in no time,man.

  4. Let’s not mess with your swing. That is too much to remember. you should be able to correct it all at address. Three things you can tinker with involving your set-up. Try a “weaker” grip. If you are right handed, turn your left hand about a quarter inch to the left on your grip. Also, move the ball up in your stance about an inch further forward than normal. Then, you can also move your right foot forward (in the direction your toes are pointing) an inch or two to promote a fade. With some combination of the three, you should be able to fix it without trying to change your swing. Good luck.

  5. well i asked that question lastweek and got some awsome answers,but i just simply opened the club face (almost all the way open) i know it may look funny but looks don’t shave any strokes off. when i started doing this for some odd reason i gained about 20 yards per club. i know this may not work for you but i just thaught something simple would help

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