How do I fix a hook in my golf swing?

Josh K asked:

I just went golfing for the first time today, and i was reasonable at everything accept I kept hookjing the ball right. i’m a righty.

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  1. There are so many ways you are hitting a hookd. since i cant see your swing i’ll just give you some tips.

    the same way that pulled and slices shots happen from a flawed swing, hooked shots are closely related. for your swing im assuming that your club approaches the ball on a seere in-to-out swing. kind of like this ” / ” bottom is the in and the top of that slash is the out. check your divots if your hooking it they will look like that…if your pulling it, it will look like this \ (same this as a slice.)

    position of the clubface ultimately determines the shape of the shot you hit. severly in to out swings with a closed clubface will create a big snap hook creating counter clockwise spin on the ball. you need to not only improve the position of the clubface but, on producing a swing that delivers the club on a much better line through the impact area, which will create a straight and more accurate shot with as little backspin as possible.

    here are 6 tips you will need to work on.
    1)weaken your right hand grip- turn that hand to the left on the club. this will help your right hand from becoming to active and will help keep that club face straight.

    2) open up your upper body in relation to the target line at adress, also play the ball foward in your stance

    3) halfway into your backswing, make sure the top of the club points skyward. if your problem is severe, try to feel your left wrist “cupped” at the top of your swing

    4)Work on “clearing” your body through impact. Feel that your hips are opening up to the target, and your right shoulder is moving forward as you strike the ball

    5)feel that the Grip-end of your club is swinging left after impact, but at the same time the clubface remains open

    finally 6) practice shots from a sidehill lie with the ball below the level of your feet. this will encourage you to swing the club on a steeper plain, getting it to approach the ball on a straighter line

    sorry for writing so much i hope this helps

    Good question Brotha

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