How do I cure my golf slice?

drpepperpimp4 asked:

I have a pretty good swing other than the fact that I cannot attack the ball from the inside, which I have heard is nescessary for a strong draw. Also, I cannot seem to release the club enough. Please help!

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  1. You don’t necessarily need a strong draw. Plenty of pros including Vijay Singh hit a fade. I used to slice quite badly. My problem, like yours, seemed to be an over the top move plus not getting the club square. Believe it or not, I found a gadget that almost cured my slice. I now aim up the left of the fairway and fade it back to he middle. I can also play a slight draw if needed. The expensive gadget is called The Inside Approach. Cost for that was around $100. I found on ebay a knockoff. The exact same thing for $29. The best money I have spent on golf. I still practice with it. Golf Digest named it the #1 teaching aid 2 years in a row. Give it a shot.

  2. Assuming you’re right handed, Point your shoulder line to the right and close/point your club face the left. Swing soft then hard and see what happens. Find the middle and practice it.

    Soft hands for a draw. Or just hit the toe, the gear effect will cause a draw usually.

  3. Assuming you’re right-handed… pull your left toe in slightly (close stance), and open your right toe out slightly. Also, pull your right foot straight back slightly.

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