how can i improve my golf swing with a driver?

good advice! asked:

When i hit the ball it always slices really far to the right

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  1. when i took golf lessons
    the instructor always told me to line up my toes with where i wanted to golfball to go
    also, if you turn your body alot when you swing, you should try positioning it a little more to the opposite side before you swing

  2. It sounds like you are out too far from the ball when you are in your swing. The best thing to do is go to a driving range and lay a club down on the ground perpendicular to your target.
    Practice swinging down the length of the grounded club to promote your swing straight. Then tee a ball and address it properly and don’t hurry. Make sure your backswing is smooth and fluid then strike the ball. It won’t correct with the first ten times it should start to straighten out around the 30th time when you hit it straight stop and start ranging your other clubs. You might be in need of a new driver if you can’t correct the swing with this one. In future visits to the range only tee up 18 balls to drive because this is what you would normally drive if you were actually playing a round! Good Luck.

  3. Hi, I am a golf pro at my local club. The reason why you are slicing the ball is for two reasons;
    1. Your wrists are not turning on impact, causing the ball to slice, if you turn them too much, it will hook, however when learning to correct a slice, a hook is better than a slice.
    2. You have an in to out swing. This means when you swing, you take the club in from the ball, and swing towards the ball. You need to bring the club back and away from the ball, not towards you. You should have a rounded swing to correct this.

    Hope this helps.

    *EDIT*: Also, the reason why you don’t notice a slice with your irons, is because they have forgivability within them. Drivers and woods generally don’t, unless you get a “draw” driver. It is worth it to take lessons and correct the slice. When the slice is corrected, you should see about 20-40 yards more with every golf shot.

    Happy golfing to you.

  4. The only……and I repeat….ONLY! way to correct swing flaws is through lessons and dedicated practice…..There is no silver bullet or magic potion that is going to fix this. You can ask advice till the cows come home……you will still be slicing until you get the lessons so that someone can actually see the exact cause or causes for your slice….then and only then can you correct them

  5. used to happen to me…
    with my driver.
    my dad got me all strightened out.

    1) no “motorcycle grip”- look at your left hand. if you see 4 nuckles thats bad. try to turn your hand to the left so you see 3 nuckles at the most. (it is very uncomfortable at first… but you get used to it.)

    2) square you shoulders to your target.

    3) your left foot should be in line with the ball. and open your left foot a little to the left.

    4) FOLLOW THROUGH! that was mostly the reason i hit it to the right. keep the club head squared longer. follow through striaght to your target, dont pull the club to the right as you follow through.

    *the grip and following though helped me the most*

    *everything i said i was assuming you golf right handed*

    good luck and hope i helped!

  6. your probably opening your body on the down stroke or turning the club. thry keeping your lead arm strait and slow the club down. you need to work on your technique, when you get it down power and distance will follow.

    If you want some real good help guides I have a website with links to the guides I used and found to be very helpfull.

    Take a look. these guides helped they me greatly.

  7. Dear Slicer !

    We all have different swings, but we are all equal at impact ! So keep this in mind with this advice. Keep your left wrist FLAT and POINTING AT TARGET ! At adress your wrist has an angle but not at impact ! To help you acheive this position it is CRUCIAL that you grip your hangle in the FINGERS for all full release with no tension. Tension is the killer cos it makes your wrist bent.My driving is really accurate, i even use it on par 3s so i can swing with not to much power !!!

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