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Michael asked:

Coming up this weekend is our annual club championship at our golf club. This year the powers that be have decided to make a seniors sub division. Seniors are allowed all year long to tee off from the “seniors tee box” but this year if they want to use the closer tee box they will only be able to compete in the sub division. If they would like a chance at the title they will not be able to use the tee boxes they’ve used all year long. What do you guys think about this arrangement?

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  1. No big deal. Come on! If your going to compete and win the tees will not matter. A real player (lower handicapper) would not want an * by their title. Tee it up and let the best person win.

  2. I would imagine there are enough golfers at your club who are designated “seniors” to warrant a decision like this. It seems to me like the professional staff would like to dilute the field to give more people the opportunity to compete.

    I do not doubt, and I am sure you suspect, that the staff is also pressured by a significant number of other members/players who feel that certain people (potentially you) have an advantage by teeing off from the forward tees with your handicap. It is only fair that they compartmentalize the field into seniors who wish to/are able to play from the deeper tees and seniors who cannot.

    Therefore, you have a choice: Accept the challenge of changing your strategy so that you can successfully navigate the course from the deeper tees, or

    enter yourself in the senior subdivision and play the game and yardage with which you are comfortable.

    Please understand that this decision was not made to hurt you. It is one of the many difficult decisions golf professionals must make each day in the business in order to provide a fun, competitive and equitable environment for their members/golfers.

    My advice…play in the tournament, kick ass in whichever division you choose, and thank your golf staff for all the hard work they do! (And I am sure you know which ones really deserve the thanks. Just make sure you give it to them. This is your recreation, but it is their job.)

  3. 7 yards shouldn’t make a difference. i understand that it isn’t just the distance though, the problem with that is golf is a mental game so as a senior, you’d walk up to that tee with doubts in your head, and those doubts in your head can really change the tournament results. with these senior tees you’ll be able to walk up to the tee with your mind cleared.

  4. That is the way we do it at my club. Most senior don’t wanna play the back tees and vice versa. Seniors are welcome to play the back tees and compete in both divisions if they want. Can you offer a better solution?

  5. It makes perfect sense. It’s the same way it is when a female wants to take part in the PGA. She isn’t given special treatment for being a female and allowed to tee off closer to the hole. She has to play from the same spot as the men. When you tee off from the same spot, you will determine who is the better golfer without any excuses for the other players to take up like who had the better positioned tee box.

  6. All competitors in the same division should be playing from the same set of tees.

    When Annika played in a couple of men’s PGA events, she didn’t move up to the red tees, for crying out loud!

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