Golf Swing Plane Advice?

Rob D asked:

With my golf swing I always tend to slice. When I go to the range for practice, towards the end I usually stop the slice, but by the next time I go, I start to slice again. What are some ways to practice to keep my swing on plane? Any good training aids that could help? Thanks
(I’m right handed)

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  1. When the swing plane is the cause of a slice you tend to swing outside in. One way to correct this is to take a rolled up pair of socks, or something similar, and put it under your right bicep. Take a practice swing and try to keep the socks from falling out. This should keep your swing plane consistent. The cause of an outside/inside swing is when a golfer tends to lift the club head up too soon, during the back-swing, instead of pulling it back. Using the socks doesn’t really help develop the correct swing plane, but it works to try to correct a slice. Good luck!

  2. 1- Slow down back swing 2- Keep head still and left eye dominant 3- close stance 4- pivot rt.foot at address to 2 o’clock position 5- Perfect swing path is inside to square/ square to inside 6- Do not let left arm over power rt arm – Swing a text book like a golf club in palms of hand for even pressure and balance. 7- Keep hips level for power 8- use 3 ball drill / set up 3 balls side by side and strike center ball. 8- use Craig’s drill to keep arms arms in and prevent lunging at the ball and going over the top on downswing. 9- film swing with camcorder might need to flatten out back swing. Remember the downswing is a direct result of the back swing. Use a 3/4 back swing and swing thru the ball at contact and always follow through the shot. Save some money and go see a golf pro if problem persists.It is money well spent.

  3. The swing plane is off if your alignment is off, because your mind tries to correct on the down swing. When at range lay to clubs Parallel and two marks one before and one after. Stand behind to see that it all lines up then address the ball. It will feel odd, but now that you are square you must ingrain this into your mold. When you get to the course stop thinking and just play.

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