For some reason whenever I hit a golf ball it hits to the right. Any reasons why and how can I fix it?

Jimbo asked:

When I hit the golf ball with a driver or an iron, it almost always goes to the right of where I aimed by like 40 degrees approximately. I can aim the ball properly with the putter but when it comes to using the iron or driver it goes well over to the right… why? How can I fix it?

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  1. make sure you are not coming over the top on ur downswing, also make sure you’re squaring the clubface through impact

  2. You’re slicing the ball. An outside to in path on your downswing cuts across the ball slicing it to the right. Or, the dreaded shank where you make contact with the hosel instead of the clubface. To fix your slice you have to swing on the same plane on both your backswing and your downswing and square the clubface. Take it low and slow in the backswing and bring it back the same way. Your clubface should start off square. If it does and you bring it back on the same plane, it will be square at impact. Transfer your weight to your front foot because if you hang back your shot will go to the right. It’s all one movement.

  3. There could be several reasons why depending on several clues you left out of your question. I will assume for discussion sake that you are right handed.

    Such as ball flight. You say it got the right, does it start on line and then move to the right? That is a slice. Or does it go right immediately off the club face and stay straight? That’s a push.

    Then there are also the divots. Check your divots on your iron shots. What direction are they pointing?

    If it is a slice, that means that your club face is open to the target line at the time of impact. This imparts left to right side spin on the causing it to move start on line then move to the right.

    Fix a slice by working with any or all of the following: moving the ball forward in your stance a bit (allows more time for the club face to close), rotate your grip a bit toward your back shoulder (makes it easier to close the face) and move your back foot away from the target line (promotes and inside to out swing path).

    If it is a push, then likely you are dealing with an alignment problem. Your arms and shoulders are most likely open to the intended target line and your swing returns the club face squared up to the line formed by your body rather than your intended line.

    The best fix for a push it to double check your alignment. Often the feet are set correctly while the right should has moved out toward the ball.

    Hope this helps.

  4. make sure your feet and shoulders are properly aligned. and also make sure your upper body does not get in front of the ball on the downswing. the proper movement would be turning your chest and having it face the target after the ball it hit. and the most important thing is to finish on your left side. that is crucial when you dont want to miss right (for your information, that last part came from a 10-year-old)

  5. It could be as simple as adjusting your grip. Double check your grip to make sure you are starting with your clubface square to the target. If you are slicing it or pushing it, there are several drills to correct this. Don’t worry though, every golfer has this problem at one time or another, so just work through it and you will be fine.

  6. Jimbo,

    This page has great free golf instruction with hundreds of free how-to instructional videos:

    You may be particularly interested in the page related to the golf swing and how to cure a slice or a hook. You can find that here:

    Hope this helps. Cheers,

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