difficulty of earning an rotc scholarship?

tupacsghostVA asked:

here’s my story:
1960 SAT, probably gonna be 2000 by Nov.
3.98 GPA
Extremely High SAT II’s
Captain/President of 3 Clubs and Golf Team
Senior Class VP
And on and on…

However, I do not currently meet the APFT push-up minimum.

Will I have to meet this number (42 p-ups two min) by my interview date or when I actually go to college?

Furthermore, does anyone have any tips on interviewing?

One thought on “difficulty of earning an rotc scholarship?”

  1. You should be a shoe-in for ROTC, you could probably even stand a good chance for the Academies. For the interview it is just important to show that you want to make a career out of the military, that you won’t be picky about your job or branch of service, etc. Anything you say that will lead them to believe you are just looking for free tuition is what’s going to hurt you. You should have an idea about what you want to do in the military, a specific example of a time you were a leader, etc.

    I don’t believe the fitness test is part of the actual application process, it’s something that you have to pass before you get in though or your spot goes to someone on the waiting list. It’s not hard to pass pushups just practice by doing way more than is required, that way you won’t struggle to reach the minimum during the actual test.

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