College golf scholarships?

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I am a freshman in high school and I will be playing for my school’s team in the spring. I shoot around 50 for 9 holes. I was wondering what golf scholarships are out there for colleges (mostly CO, NM, and WY area). What does the average scholarship cover, are they usually full or part? And how accomplished of a player do you need to be? Is there a site with information? How do state tournaments rank a player? Is it something that I will be able to work to by the time I’m a senior?

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  1. There are different levels of scholarships both parttime and full time. If you can break 80 regularly, in tournaments, you can play college golf. Maybe not the top schools but someone can use you. The best site is
    They use to sell a book that listed all the schools now you register on line. Make sure you keep your grades up during high school. Good luck.

  2. To get a scholarship for golf, you need to be able to break 80 for 18 holes. The lower you score, the better chance. Division 1 schools look for girls that can break 70 and always shoot in the 70’s. There are D2 schools that will take higher scores. Some are full scholarships, most are partial. You can get academic scholarships to D3 schools and play golf. To do this by your senior year will take a lot of practice, lessons will help. My daughter started playing in the 8th grade and now plays for a D2 school on a partial scholarship.

  3. I remember listening to a golf coach say that if you can shoot between 74-80, that is what he was looking for. I’ve not heard of colleges giving full rides for golf. Try the AJGA website to find further info.

  4. Breaking 80 regularly in tournaments WILL get you a D1 scholarship- maybe not Duke or Stanford, but D1 nonethleless. Remember, these scholarships can be cut up into very small portions so you might receive a scholarship that is a very small percentage of the actual cost of the school.

    While state tournaments are important, of equal or greater improtance are tournaments you play in outside of your high school golf season; AJGA for example.

    Unfortunately, the three states you mentioned do not have a ton of women’s golf programs. You should expand your search to include California, Arizona and even Texas if you want to increase your odds.

  5. There are over 1,200 schools nationaly from JC up to DI that offer Golf programs. Many of which are here in the Rocky Mountain region, DI schools are allowed to offer 4.3 scholarships a year. Those are typically divided up between athletes. But there are many other ways to supliment other expences through Stafford loans, grants, etc.

    Not only do you need to continue to work on your game but you also need to do a lot of other things. Unoffical visits to schools of interest. Register with the NCAA Clearlinghouse. Maintain at least a 2.0 in your high school core courses. Many other things. If you really want to you can play at the next level. Try SportsWorx Colorado for help. The web address is.

  6. Each school (division 1 and 2) offer a certain amount of full scholarships, your skill level and the school also determines if you get a full ride or partial scholarship. Division 3 does not offer scholarships. If you can break 100 yor good enough to play any level of womens college golf. If you can scrore under 79 you can play division one golf. I think you can work at it by the time you are a senior. I would talk to your golf coach and s/he could probally be able to help you.

  7. Most recent issue of Golf Digest had a full article on college rankings, scholarships and lots of advice for aspiring high school students. My impression is that D1 schools have few full scholarships and most offer partial scholarships. Your goal is to try shoot in the seventy’s by your sophomore year which is when you starting sending your CV to coaches. Remember to be in a top notch college you better have the grades to go with the smooth swing. My son is also a freshmen and he shoots in the low 80’s so he is working hard to shave 5-10 strokes in the next 6 months or so. Good luck!

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