4 thoughts on “Are there any tools to help with my golf swing?”

  1. The only thing you can do yo fix your slice is to swing properly. They do have the medicus swing trainer that will help get you in the proper grip and plane, but it will be up to you to apply it to your clubs. In other words there is no magic bullet, you need to practice and master the swing. God luck

  2. There is a drill you can practice.
    It takes an hour to complete and goes as follows;
    Get a heavy item like a cut down broom or failing that use a sand wedge then you
    using right hand only take club back to shoulder height right palm should point to the heavens i.e. it would catch rain, hold for 10 seconds then swing thru to shoulder height palm should be pointing to ground hold for 10 seconds REPEAT FOR 5 MINUTES

    using left hand same as above except on back swing left palm point ground and on follow thru points to heaven REPEAT FOR 5 MINUTES
    these 2 exercises teach you where the hands should be pointing

    then use both hands have a 12 inch gap between hands on grip swing as above so on back swing hands as above and same for follow through REPEAT FOR 5 MINUTES making sure you hold each pose for 10 seconds to train muscles. This exercise teaches you the right swing path

    Take a 5 minute rest the repeat above exercises 3 more times. Then you are ready to try your new swing if it doesn’t work straight away keep training your muscles by repeating the drill. I only ever had to use the drill twice

  3. A card board box and a marker. Draw a square or an X on the box just above the bottom of the box. The X or square is your “ball”. Take your setup and make your normal swing EXCEPT… on the downswing, you want to make sure you feel the hands rotating the club face closed and you will strike the box with the toe of the club.
    This drill will help you to feel what a rotating club face feels like and will help you get the club squared up at impact. This will not only help with the slice but can aid in creating distance for you as well. Good luck.

  4. The big circle swing trainer…you get on that everyday and it will do wonders for your game…kinda pricey…but if your crafty build one

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