Anybody used any of the Medicus Training Golf Clubs?

ronkee asked:

has this training device improve your golf swing and score?

6 thoughts on “Anybody used any of the Medicus Training Golf Clubs?”

  1. I haven’t ever used it but i would like to get one.
    It looks like a goood training aid.
    let me know how it is if you get one

  2. I have used one before and I think it really helps with tempo, especially the transfer at the top of your swing. It will definately help your swing, if you have a traditional type swing. If you tend to swing a little flat, you will have trouble with the Medicus. It “forces” you to swing upright and one a single plane.

  3. I own the Medicus, both the driver and the 5 iron. I love them both. It is great tool for rhythm and tempo of the swing. They also keep your swing on a single plane.

    I am a PGA teaching Professional. I encourage my students to get the Medicus and practice with it. I use it at the driving range for the first ten minutes or so to get my muscles loose and get my swing on line.

    I think it’s a great tool and you can try it. If you dislike it, you can always return it to Medicus. They do back their product with a full money back guaranty.

    Good luck.

  4. I have a different brand “Refiner” lot cheaper than Medicus. I think it really helps with tempo, because when you swing too fast it will break. You can also adjust the hinge as your swing progress.

  5. i used my neighbors and and it worked it corrected my swing then wen i played golf after i lowered my score…u should get one

  6. I’ve had both the driver and 5 iron. For me, they didn’t help at all. They may help for tempo as they are heavier than regular clubs but you can swing those things all day poorly without them breaking down. I was tring to correct a slice when I bought mine and the club did nothing to help. Only a lesson with an instructor helped that. I would spend my money on lessons instead.

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